Come, check my handwriting

Why I love Lorena’s blog so much? Because she has all this challenges going on all the time!

This time is about showing your handwriting!

There are 8 easy questions one must answer

1. What’s your name/your blogger name?
2. What’s your blog’s name/URL?
3. Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
4. Favorite quote?
5. Your Favorite song?
6. Your favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag three to five other people.

There you have, my answers

I’d say my handwriting is rather on a messy side. The letters are all different and I often think about writing one thing while my hand is writing something completely different.

Drafts were my best friends back in school, ok?

And ok, I just noticed I wrote 20011 instead of 2011. Shame, SHAME on me. 😀

Now show the world your handwriting!


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bringing back the horses

Hi there!

I feel so behind in blogosphere! 😦 Let me tell you, that’s not a very nice feeling.

I haven’t seen what you’ve been wearing, I bought quite a lot of stuff I haven’t show you yet.

Not nice, not nice at all. 😦

Shirt-Peacocks, Cardigan-River Island, Jeans-Gap, Boots-TK Maxx

Yes, those are knee length boots hiding under the jeans. I can’t really zip them over any jeans.

The snow was there all day yesterday, but it was all gone this morning. However the weather is quite horrible. Cold, foggy , rainy. I have nothing exciting to tell you. Shame on me for not taking any photos of my new purchases.


How are you doing? Tell me what I’ve missed?

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Bows and pink and butterflies

Hi there,

I’ve got Saturday’s outfit to show you!

Boots-Danija, Jeans-Zara, Pink Top-eBay, Vest shrug-TK Maxx,, Bag-Morgan(Avon), Scarf-Blue Star

I need to work on my poses. Definitely.

Here’s a close up

Can you guess who gave me the bead necklace? Do you need a closer look? Because I’ve got another picture

My BFF’s sister sent it to me from Lithuania, yay!

Didn’t do much yesterday. Went to cinema to watch Gnomeo and Juliet 3D, then watched various shows on TV at R’s. Blah.

Although today I was making brooches all day. In my pajamas. Pictures are coming soon. I’m quite excited for now.

Then later today I accidentally sold these two guys that my BFF made

zombie doll, dead doll, ballet doll

I put a picture on Facebook saying that two dolls are looking for homes, without thinking, that someone might be interested and apparently my work-mate’s daughter liked them a lot.  I said 10 quid each and they’re yours, and she agreed. So we’re having a little pajama goodbye party tonight. The dolls were supposed to be for sale, we just didn’t expect them to go so soon. 😀

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Dolls in the park

Hello my dear readers,

How are you girls?

I’m still sharing my computer with BFF, so I don’t get much me and the Internet time. Also when I do have more time to spare, I take her out to a park, shops and other places.

Yesterday we went to a Roundhay Park for a walk.

Coat-TopShop, Bag-Camden Town Market, Boots-Danija

Yay, my Canon Powershot, which I call Alejandro Gapless (all my cameras have names 😀 ) works much better with natural light and a real human, not a timer pressing the button.

Jeans-Zara, Top-Tinka, Cardigan-TK Maxx

We also took the dools with us!

My BFF made them. They are supposed to be brooches, but we’re not sure about it yet. My BFF also made some heart, flower and star brooches which look more like it and I can almost sense the opening of an Etsy shop very soon. The dolls don’t have the names yet, so if you can think about something, let me know 😀

For a dinner last night we had this

mmmm, yummy 🙂


Now excuse me, I’ll go get change from a bath robe to something less comfortable. Also, there is a fishcake in the fridge, which must be tasted.


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Wednesday list

Is today Wednesday? Ar you sure? I am completely confused what day it is, but hopefully it is Wednesday. You see, I prepared one of the easiest lists for you today. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then go here and read the rules. I’m not good at explaining things.

For today, I had to prepare the list of sports teams I’ve seen play. It is so easy!

I’m not into sports! Like at all! The only thing I have watched many many years ago was Lithuanians playing basketball at the Olympics in 2000 and 2004.

photo found at

I remember I was still in school, but we all were watching basketball on TV instead of going to lessons. I also remember going to the streets after some better games and congratulating strangers, and also telling sorries after the final games when we didn’t win gold, neither in 2000 or 2004.

You see, basketball is the second largest religion in Lithuania, but I am still not a big fan of it.

Ar you into sports? Do you go to gym? Do you exercise at all?

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The lace and the bathroom

I found a new spot for photos, that’s our No.2 bathroom – the best lit room in our house.


Jeans-Gap, Tshirt – Dorothy Perkins, Sleeves-Thrifted (Next), Brooch-Primark

Say what you want, but I just can’t find the perfect whole lace shirt. However, my new brown one quarter lace tshirt will do.  I like it a lot

I wore similar outfits on Saturday and Sunday.

I spend Saturday looking for a pretty brooches and singing youtube karaoke till half past three in the morning with my BFF. Then we vent to do little shopping on Sunday, fallowed with an evening visiting friends and playing Alias.

The weather was terrible almost the whole week, with strong wind (up to 57 km per hour!!!!), rain and other stuff. I wrote a list of things I need to save in case wind will blow our roof off (I live in an attic) :

1. My laptop,

2. My cameras.

I’ll get my BFF to take my photos outdoors when the weather will get a bit more normal.  ok?

Yes, you got it right, my BFF came to England last week, and she’s not going back to Lithuania any time soon. Oh I’m so happy. 🙂



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Wednesday list’s Thursday


Hi there!

Just let me tell how sorry I am for not having enough time to hang out in your Blogs, people! I had only about 10 (TEN!) minutes of computer time yesterday, and about one hour today. As soon as I’ll have a bit more time to spare, I’ll visit you all, now just bear with me.

Let’s pretend for a minute, that it is Wednesday, and make some lists, ok? Can you all remember Listography?

Todays topic was my favorite artists.

Seriously? 😀 I actually had to check the definition of the word artist. Do you count only artists who create visual arts or do you count all the people connected with entertainment? I am confused.

However! I need to tell you that I’m not good at remembering celebrity names. So! I decided to list some of the artistic Blogs I read and just mention some actors and singers. In no particular order:


My Milk Toof. Total fun!

The Little People Project.

500 Photographers. A place where I fall in love with a new artist every day!


TV People

Ant and Dec.

–  Emir Kusturica. Actually he’s a screenwriter, but you can see his films on TV too 😀


–  Andrius Mamontovas.  Lithuanian rock musician, songwriter, actor, performer and record producer.

– Freddie Mercury, Queen.

Pink Floyd.


Alrighty, time to go to bed, what are your favourite artists?




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Wednesday lists

Lithuania, Grandma’s Crocs

Time to make some lists!

Today I am supposed to write the list of places I’d like to visit. Yay, there are so many of them! If I could I would take a year or two off and travel around the world! I am always up for an adventure.

Flight Lithuania-England

I’ll do my best to narrow it down.

1. Italy! I’ve been to Sardenia a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with this country! I just HAVE to go there again this year.

Italy, Sardenia: Castelsardo, Platamona, Costa Paradiso

I’d love to be familiar with the whole Italy!

2. USA!

I don’t have any pictures to show, as I never traveled to USA, but I would love to visit the Grand Canyon, New York, Chicago and perhaps California beaches. You know what? I’d love to travel across the whole country!

3. Scotland!

Especially the islands. One day, my friends, maybe even this year! I heard the nature in Scotland is something really worth the time.

4. Germany

Germany, Nurnberg

I used to hate Germany, German and Germans in school. I’ve been learning German for 8 (eight!) years, but I can’t say a word. When I went to German one year ago even a guy at McDonald couldn’t understand what I wanted. Zwei Cheesburgers, bitte! However the architecture in German is beautiful, and I would love to visit it again.

5. Africa!

Probably Sierra Leone, Kenya or South Africa. I wanted to go on a voluntary mission to Africa since I got to know that such things exists. However I never had enough money. I should open a saving account.

This is it for today! Sorry I’m a bit late. 🙂 What places would you like to visit?

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Stripe confusion

Ok, so I feel a bit lame 😀

I reaaaaallllyyyy wanted to participate in Breton Stripes challenge. I found a few stripey tops, but the one, which was the most suitable, in my mind, wasn’t really, in my mind, suitable enough. Did you get that? 😀 No? Me neither. Let me show you

Stripey top-Primark, Cardigan-River Island, Jeans-Miss Sixty

You see, I think I wasn’t supposed to wear this kind of top. 😦 Even though it has sailors stripes and even little anchor on the side bottom.

The reason I paired it with red cardigan?

I thought the buttons will go well with stripes!

The conclusion. I was quite happy with this outfit and could wear it again 😛

I’ll see what I can do next time. 🙂

Now excuse, me, I just came back from my 12 hour night shift, I need to put the earplugs into my ears and get some sleep before my second night. If only these guys will let me

View through my window 😦

I HATE road works!!!!  You can’t imagine the noise!! The smell is terrible too. The whole house and my bed is literally shaking! They are going to work in our street the whole week, I’m working four nights. How am I supposed to get my rest at daytime?


After my-7-hour-sleep.

I decided to participate in the event! I,m adding my pictures to Everybody, Everywear. I just realised I could use a scarf to make this top look more appropriate. Oh well.

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New background

Top-Next, Vest-TK Maxx, Jeans-Gap

I got inspiration for this outfit from two places. Firstly I found Della dressed as a wealthy sheep herder, then I remembered owning a similar gray vest (and decided to wear it in the near future), which I bought at TK Maxx a few years ago, just because I liked the details

I didn’t try to create a similar outfit, I just didn’t know what to wear.

Then after visiting a couple of other blogs I found Linda talking people into wearing Breton Stripes. She has this cool project going on, where people wear a similar item in different ways, you can go check it out here. By the way, do just black and white stripes count as Breton Stripes?

However, I was looking for stripes in my wardrobe, and found this Next top I thought would work with gray vest. I think it kind of did.

The last touch was this lovely necklace

I wore my not-afraid-of-cold-and-dirt-walking-everywhere Converse shoes

I love Converse shoes! I have like 10 pairs. This pair has fake fur lining and is one size too big, so I could wear thiker and warmer socks. I’ve been wearing them every day last winter. As they became unwashably dirty I only wear them to work (no-one would steal them, we had some cases when people’s jackets or shoes went missing) or for walks in the park. Shame they’re not waterproof.

I’ll go have a cookie now.

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Wednesday lists

Hi there, today is Wednesday, the day of the lists!  I am supposed to write only one, but I decided to do some more.

So here it is.

Goals for the year

– Photograph more, photograph a lot, to be better at this. To save money for a good telephoto lens.

Yay, I have even started new  blog – the 365 days photo project here.

– Italy! I want to learn some Italian and then go to Italy for holiday.

– English, I want to keep improving my sometimes shameful English.

– Learn new things. Do some DIY.

-Be a better person, look for good things in people, compliment others, be helpful.

-Write more letters and postcards, stay connected with friends.

-Find a new job! Quit the old one.

– Love myself more. I mean all the pampering, 8 hour sleep, good, healthy food, holidays, make up, facials, etc.

-Drivers licence

Books that made me cry

I’m a bookworm. I love books, I can’t remember all the books that made me cry. The last one that made me cry was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Things that are beyond my grasp of understanding

There are so many of them I sometimes have to consume tranquility tea.  I’ll list the ones that annoy me the most

– Injustice. Any time, anywhere, anyhow, with anybody. I can’t stand injustice.

– Double faced people, who says they love you, but after twenty minutes will talk bad things behind your back.

– Overproud ( I can’t really find the right word, If you know what I mean, tell me too 😀 ) of themselves people. “Oh I’m so good, I’m so clever, I’m so rich, my Prada Earrings cost me five thousand pound, my boyfriend is the best” kind of people.

– Clueless people. I mean those people who are clueless about everything in the world.

Leaders I am inspired by

I don’t know, ok? 😀 I didn’t want to admit it, but the weirdos are the people who inspire me the most often. Writers (A. Camus, Sue Townsend), singers (Lady Gaga) artists, actors, painters, photographers, all the women who started revolutions (all the rights like working, voting, fashion, etc) .. Anybody fighting with injustice is my friend and might inspire me.


If you’d like to make your tiny lists in the comments I’d be happy to read it 🙂 Anything to say about books? leaders? goals for this year?

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I love making lists! Fulfil the plan – not so much. So what could be better, than making list of things that I don’t need to accomplish?

The answer is Listography 2011! Firstly found at Lorena’s Blog. I suck at explaining the rules, so you better go to check one of those blogs.

Yay, are you excited? I am 🙂

Ok, let me show you the whole list of lists to write throughout the year

December, January
29th – List goals for the year.
5th – List books that made you cry.
12th – List things that are beyond your grasp of understanding.
19th – List leaders you are inspired by.
26th – List places you’d like to visit.
2nd – List your favorite artists.
9th – List sports teams you’ve seen play.
16th – List your same sex crushes.
23rd – List all the presidents you can name.
2nd – List which film characters are most like your personality.
9th – List your favorite Ebay searches.
16th – List cocktails you’ve tried.
23rd – List fictional places you wish existed.
30th – List scams you’ve encountered.
6th – List where your daydreams take you for spring break.
13th – List your favorite romantic comedies.
20th – List some ideas for earth friendly living.
27th – List the qualities you look for in a friend.
4th – List your favorite tv moms.
11th – List the most memorable co-worker from your past.
18th – List your least favorite smells.
25th – List your favorite snacks.
1st – List why you love your country.
8th – List people that make you wonder “where are they now.”
15th – List your favorite tv dads.
22nd – List your summer to do’s.
29th – List your accomplishments from the past year.
6th – List your favorite foods and things to find at a BBQ.
13th – List some ideas for trimming back your budget.
20th – List some things you want for your home and kitchen.
27th – List your biggest moments in pain.
3rd – List things that freak you out.
10th – List where your perfect road trip would take you.
17th – List your best qualities in the work place.
24th – List ten people you find fascinating.
31st – List who you hung out with in elementary school and middle school.
7th – List what your dream work environment would be like.
14th – List memorable activities from your childhood.
21st – List your favorite sports figures.
28th – List your de-stress recipe.
5th – List things that scared you as a kid.
12th – List who you thought was the coolest growing up.
19th – List your favorite car models.
26th – List couples you were sad to see break up.
2nd – List your favorite horror villains.
9th – List what issues are foremost on your mind.
16th – List what you remember about your childhood home.
23rd – List what you’re thankful for.
30th – List all the teachers you can remember.
7th – List your least favorite animals.
14th – List the animals you’ve adopted.
21st – List your wish list.
28th – List how you would like to spend time when you’re a senior citizen.

As you see I am already late on writing some lists, but I’m going to write them anyway. I’ll do my best to keep them short and make as little as possible grammar mistakes, ok? 😛

P.S. Anyone can join. 😉

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